Man who held teen as sex slave took her to #PlannedParenthood for abortion after he impregnated her http://tinyurl.com/mdx78cs



Abortion is not a medical procedure. Abortion is murder. http://ift.tt/XHpeGd



"No one who has not performed this procedure can know what it is like or what it means…We have reached a point in this particular technology where there is no possibility of denial of an act of destruction by the operator. It is before one’s eyes. The sensations of dismemberment flow through the forceps like electric current."

Warren Hern, abortionist





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1) I’ve always found it a very bizarre assumption that pro-lifers only care about fetuses. The Catholic Church, one of the most notorious abortion spooners, is actually one of the largest charity providers in America.
If we’re basing this on a more political level, republicans, the ones who don’t like abortion, are statistically more likely to donate to charitable organizations. (http://www.ethicsdaily.com/republican-states-give-more-to-charity-than-democratic-states-cms-19923)

2) Most of the children in Foster Care can’t be adopted because the parental rights of their biological parents haven’t been terminated yet. The parental rights need to be terminated in order for the child to be eligible for adoption. Also, most of the kids waiting to be adopted are teenagers, have severe mental or physical disabilities, want to stay in a certain area or there’s like, five siblings. (firsthand testimony from someone I’ve spoken with who tried to adopt a foster child)

3) this is some real next level stupidity. as a black bisexual, I personally laugh in the face of anyone who says anything like this.
you seem to care ooooh sooooo much about POC, but do you care that African American children in NYC are more than 50% likely to be aborted?
or, on a more basic level, what have you done to ease ANY of problems that my people are facing? or are you just offering abortion as the only solution to… homelessness? police brutality? unemployment? workplace discrimination? misrepresentation in media?

you are not pro-choice, you are pro-abortion. you clearly only like to use oppressed peoples who are suffering from REAL ISSUES as props to demonstrate why everyone needs an abortion. what about everyone who needs pre-natal care? diapers? better maternity leave? antibiotics and other medication? home aid? anything other than an abortion?

Your tax dollars at work: PBS to air pro-abortion "After Tiller" movie tomorrow


Don’t you just love it when you are coerced to pay for something you find utterly reprehensible? Yeah, it’s just what the founders had in mind. Good times. Anyhow, for some inexplicable reason, I feel compelled to share PBS’s customer service number with you: 703-739-5000 (Don’t forget to be courteous).

In 2013, Planned Parenthood received $540.6 million dollars from various government sources to kill unborn children. Now, PBS is using your tax dollars to promote this evil practice.

Tomorrow night, at 10 p.m. Eastern, PBS is showing “After Tiller,” a documentary that follows the lives of four late-term abortion doctors after their colleague George Tiller was shot. The movie, according to the directors, is to “change public perception of third-trimester abortion providers by building a movement dedicated to supporting their right to work with a special focus on maintaining their safety.” The movie has previously been screened for Members of Congress, “with the goal of ultimately affecting votes related to abortion rights.”

Perhaps even more egregious than the showing is what PBS is also providing with your dollars. From my LifeSiteNews colleague Kirsten Andersen:

Meanwhile, concerned parents should be advised that the film may soon be showing in a classroom near you. Because PBS is airing the documentary as part of its “POV” series, described as “documentaries with a point of view,” the network has made a “partner toolkit” available and is encouraging teachers and activists to borrow the documentary and host screenings in their classrooms and communities. The “toolkit” includes publicity materials, a discussion guide, lesson plan and reading list.



This little girl had a 9 out of 10 chance of being slaughtered in her mother’s womb. Aren’t you glad she’s here with us?




I recently went back to the clinic in which I had an abortion. I wanted to have my ultrasound pictures and a copy of my file. It has been tough digesting what the file holds but I feel like it was something I needed to do. Notes from my abortion counselor. “Pt returned today very confident and sure that ab is best. She is looking forward to being in a school play.” I’m sorry, I didn’t realize crying uncontrollably, having a panic attack in your office, and telling you that I wanted to proceed with my pregnancy but that I felt trapped into this by my partner was a full display of confidence. I was not an empowered feminist proud to have ownership of my body and offspring in this moment. I was lost, anxious, alone and with no one to turn to. Often times women seek abortions because we are desperate, not empowered or confident. We believe we don’t have any other options. The sad truth is that many of us would really love to carry on with our pregnancies though we don’t know what resources we have or don’t have. But we know that we must hurry and get on with it because the fetus is growing and the clinic workers are pushing for an answer. When I told my abortionist that I strongly thought of taking my child away from their father and raising them myself but that I didn’t know what it entailed, she did not talk about alternatives and my other options. She encouraged me to have an abortion regardless of how helpless I felt or how much I cried. Couldn’t she had said ‘Sara, maybe this isn’t for you after all. Would you like to go home?’ And I would’ve screamed, yes! Thank you! I hear and read this too often from other women, unfortunately. There are so many women out there who are lied to about what abortion does and what is really inside of them all by the people who are supposed to help us exercise our empowerment as women. Why are they withholding the truth from us? There are a handful of us who realize what we’ve done after its too late and the pain and regret lasts for a lifetime. A little encouragement and hope can go a long way. Women deserve better, as do our children.

I’m here for you <3



Although our forms may change, our humanity remains constant from the moment of our conception to the moment of our death.

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